Crosscutting Mental Models

Crosscutting concepts helps in transfer of learning in all domains and are important tools for making sense of phenomena that can be observed and the mental model is an explanation of someone's thought process about how something works in the real world.
Patterns: Observed patterns of forms and events guide organization and classification of prompt questions about relationships and factors that influence them.

e.g. How would you classify introvert and extroverts by looking at the patterns? What are the similarities and differences between them? Is introversion or extroversion comes under a spectrum or is dichotomous (mutually exclusive). Do introverts pull themselves further towards extreme introversion after knowing they are introverts (The Self-fulfilling prophecyin the beginning, a false definition of the situation, evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true.)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of introverts and extroverts?
Key Differ…

If India wants instant outcomes, fix every college and university instantly.

Children will take another 20 years to add value to the economy.

How to?

1) Terminate all rote learning content, and provide them with pedagogically sound recent content. Let content be the syllabus.
2) Provide personalized education, and address learning deficit of students.
3) Bring projects under peer review, and make the project open access if it's not patentable.
4) Ask the teacher to unlearn almost everything they learned during schools and colleges. Use evidence, evidence, and evidence.
5) Make exams analytical and cue-based, not the reproduction of the text of books.
6) Pay the teacher well, so that teachership will be treated as a respectable job.

How to guide for preparing HOTs question?

Step 1: Make the language of the question confusing and difficult to understand.

Step 2: Solving must require information that is difficult to remember or recall from memory such as shortcut formulas, unfamiliar terminology.

Step 3: Make the calculation extremely hard and don't give them a calculator.

Step 4: Must use concepts that are not taught in class, or taught with bad pedagogy without using retrieval and spacing strategies that help the concepts to stick in the memory, questions must be completely different from classroom practice questions. And give the question that requires knowledge of whole without practicing its components.

As most students will not be able to solve it, it perfectly qualifies as HOTs question.

Changing the curriculum and content: There is an opportunity cost associated with the decision we make

Are CBSE and other boards designing the syllabus and curriculum by the sweat of their brow by attending the feedbacks, research, and evidence? Our education system should remain brother's keeper to all children of the worlds second populated country. 

Why an unstructured syllabus with low-quality and pedagogically unsound content be continued even after everyone knows emperor is naked.

They could have made it more structured, with the recommendation of open access contents (such as openstax) for each topic or whitelisting of content.  How much time does it take for experts? A month will be sufficient.

It will also create demand for authors and publishers to meet the pedagogical need of students.

There is a trade-off,  between adapting to the newly changed content and enhancing the quality of content.  But it could have been done slowly.
If a new drugs work better than old drugs, the longer it takes to bring new drugs to market, the more people are harmed who could have benefited …

Feedback for MCA program of Ignou

Study material covers the latest developments on the subject
No, seems it is not updated since 2010. e.g.  It talks about popular browser of Linux are Netscape Navigator.

The contents of the study material are well organized
Yes, the organization of content is too good. Learning objectives, then content based on learning objectives, practice questions after each section. Space at the margin to take notes.

Aim and objectives of the courses are clearly explained in study materials
No, Even though it uses narration techniques, it does a good job in introduction sections, but it fails to explain intelligibly for concepts that are hard to understand and are abstract. Also, the text is ambiguous, confusing without precise definitions and language.

The study materials provided a broad overview in the field of knowledge
Yes. The learning objectives cover broad overview. But MCA lacks choice and diversity.
Programming languages like python and R should be introduced in MCA. Version controlling gi…

Learning Roman Numbers: One component at a time

Learning Objectives
To convert Roman numbers to Hindu-Arabic numbers

What are the big ideas that students have to learn?
1) Memorizing these Roman Symbols with their respective Hindu-Arabic value
2) When to do addition and when to do subtraction based upon the position of  Roman Symbols

1) Memorizing these Roman Symbols with their respective Hindu-Arabic value
Without memorizing the mapping of Roman Symbols to its respective Hindu-Arabic value, students can't reach their learning outcomes. The mapping is very hard to memorize. So it's critical to provide them memory tricks for it.

Kids usually know
1) I means 1
2) V means 5
3) X means 10
But what about other symbols, here are the memory tricks that students have to imagine.
4) L means 50
So tell them L means (L)ake, and Lake is half filled (50%)
5) C means 100
Tell them C means see and see is a full (100%) eye
6) D means 500
Choose a student whose name starts with D and give him/her a Rs 500
D means 5000
7) M means 1000
The chil…

Suggestions on rationalising curriculum

Inviting suggestions on rationalising curriculum/ syllabus/ subject contents for class I to class XII with the objective of all round development of students

"It has been envisioned that in order to develop a fairer and more egalitarian society comprising of well-balanced human beings, in addition to cognitive and analytical skills,adequate attention on activities like life skills, experiential learning,health and physical education, sports, visual and performing arts,literary & creative skills, and work based education are indispensable. Though the existing curriculum does incorporate these skills, however, the load of curriculum in cognitive and analytical area seems to be so heavy that students practically do not get much time to develop skills in other areas.

In order to balance the curriculum for cognitive and analytical areas with curriculum in other life skills including creativity and sports, specific suggestions are invited from teachers, academics, students, parents…