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Alternate thinking, there is no one 'correct' answer.

How education hinders alternate way of thinking?

A teacher gave the following question in MCQs:
If you add some dissolving solute to water, does there is a change in total mass i.e. ([mass of water + mass of sugar]) changes?
a) There is no change in total mass
b) There is change in total mass
Student wrote:
Teacher gave the mark: zero

What if the student thought the following deeper idea to answer the question. When we add a solute to water, the reaction can be endothermic or exothermic,  so if heat is released in case of exothermic, an amount of mass is converted to heat, so there is little decrease in mass that is difficult to measure. For an endothermic reaction, some amount of heat is absorbed, so there is little increase in mass.

So the answer can depend on scientific theory, concepts, inductive or deductive reasoning, premise, and method or procedure used.

There are no one 'correct' answer, the answer can depend on the process of thinking and context.

Public-private partnership schools and its implementation

Benefits of  this model:

1) No much reliance on government for the safeguarding of the quality education. Teachers as an entrepreneur will take care of it because it will bring competition for quality.
2) Teachers income depends on the ability to bring students. So they are solely responsible for their income. They will work for themselves, instead of doing just an obligatory job for a monthly salary.
3) Students will have the freedom to choose a class, not just school. (Funding children not school)

The process of the model:
1) Providing infrastructure by the govt.
Govt should first buy cheaper land from the landlord or take on the permanent lease and provide beginning infrastructure to schools. Permanent lease similar to building mobile towers where every month some amount (e.g. Rs 3000) is given to the landlord. A fixed amount of area (e.g. 1 acre) can be allocated. Beginning infrastructure with 2 to 3 classroom must be provided by the govt, but lease amount is not payable by the go…