Allowing mediocre colleges to provide degree certificate is degrading the education system

IITians, doctors, and most desired teachers try to join coaching institute instead of colleges.

If you run a coaching institute, teachers are heavily paid, because about 70-80% of students money goes into the pocket of teachers, but no matter how much students pay to college, teachers are given fixed and very low salary. Also, brilliant students don't aim to join as a teacher, as pay scale is too low.

Coaching institute business model works best to provide quality education as teachers have the complete sole responsibility about their amount of income and autonomy to provide quality. If teachers don't perform well, their pay scale will be low, so it creates a subconscious pressure to compete for quality. But this doesn't happen in schools or colleges.

How allowing mediocre colleges to provide degree certification creates a problem?

Allowing them to provide certificate enables them to bring students despite not providing quality.

What could be done?

Mediocre colleges should be removed to provide certificates, instead, they should register themselves to distance education exams like ignou.
Distance education should strength itself by providing all types of courses, along with lab exams.
By doing this, colleges will be forced to coaching institute business model, as they are no longer in certificate providing business. It will also promote true edupreneurship, where they can innovate, take risks and grow according to the service they provide, not based on the reason that they have the authority to provide a certificate.

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