Review: Five morally dubious educational ideas

Review of Five morally dubious educational ideas  :

1) Should we abolish exams? No, it should be a part of the assessment Let it come under peer review. Let them retake assessment till they have not reached their goals. It's more to do with designing of questions in exams, what is taught and quality of formative assessment to make the exam successful. Standardized testing only to test the foundational learning that is required for every child or every child of the specific stream.
2) Students should engage in projects and inquiry learning
Yes, they should engage, but in a guided manner, where teacher or mentor will scaffold the entire process. Projects and inquiry learning is only a part of learning and is not complete, explicit teaching is as important as inquiry learning.
3) Education is preparation for future employment
No education is preparation for self-employment, self-reliance, and getting the job done with collaboration or collective intelligence by utilizing diversity and specialization.
4)  Personalised learning is the future of education
Hyper-personalisation means isolation, dehumanizes the learning environment.
5) We need to teach kids to be (the right kind of) activists
No, we should teach them to be good leaders, givers, and matchers.

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