Changing the curriculum and content: There is an opportunity cost associated with the decision we make

Are CBSE and other boards designing the syllabus and curriculum by the sweat of their brow by attending the feedbacks, research, and evidence? Our education system should remain brother's keeper to all children of the worlds second populated country. 

Why an unstructured syllabus with low-quality and pedagogically unsound content be continued even after everyone knows emperor is naked.

They could have made it more structured, with the recommendation of open access contents (such as openstax) for each topic or whitelisting of content.  How much time does it take for experts? A month will be sufficient.

It will also create demand for authors and publishers to meet the pedagogical need of students.

There is a trade-off,  between adapting to the newly changed content and enhancing the quality of content.  But it could have been done slowly.
If a new drugs work better than old drugs, the longer it takes to bring new drugs to market, the more people are harmed who could have benefited if the new drugs have been approved earlier.

There is an opportunity cost (of a choice is the value of the opportunities lost) associated with the decision we make.

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