All International and National Conferences should be recorded and made available online

Let me explain how it causes vast lost of information if we don't record especially scientific conferences.
I am giving the example of University I was working. It was a scientific conference on Genome Architecture. In this international conference many renowned researchers have presented their work. The schedule was very hectic, with almost no time gap, as there were large number of speakers.

As a student let me explain what are the problem that arises when we don't record the lectures.
1) First while listening we can miss many points, and we don't get the chance to listen again.
2) Also because of hectic schedule, it becomes bit boring for us, to listen all the lectures from 9:00 a.m. – 5:30p.m. So we may skip many lectures.
3) Further, but most important point is only students who registered for the Conference get the chance to listen. Imagine, what impact it would have, if it was made available online, may be after a month of conference, so that huge number of students could have get chance to know what other researchers are doing. It would also be an inspiration for students to work and gain knowledge.

So for it we need to have a central repository along with a website, where these lectures can be displayed and may be uploaded in youtube.

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