In India specialization courses should be started directly after 10+2 so that students can earn a certificate and apply for job?

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Let me explain the situation of Education System if a student becomes a web developer or a mobile app developer

Most Indian parents and society are only worried about child employment. They never think about their children passion.  So first they allow you to choose between Engineering or Medical because there is no other field that an average Indian can think. As medical entrance is highly tough, so an average student is likely to fail in it. So after 10+2 exam, student may go for medical coaching or JEE coaching for students who aspire to join some IITs.  If medical,  one year in coaching has been wasted. Even for JEE coaching one year is wasted because most students will not get a seat in IITs, so they will join some other private college, so coaching becomes unnecessary. So finally after one year, only one option is left that is engineering. 
So in engineering students usually choose Computer Science with syllabus that time forgot. They will start learning about mouse, keyboard etc. in first semester. Also students will start memorizing the programming, because questions come like that.  In that way 4 years of B. Tech computer science is gone, after that students will be jobless and start finding for jobs. So in that case, some may advice to go for some higher education such as MCA. Or some may give a better advice, that go for a specialization course i.e. a coaching center. If students chooses to go for MCA after B.Tech CS, it's  another disaster. Again syllabus that time forgot.  Any specialization subjects are not in syllabus, which does not allow a student to fetch job or apply their knowledge. 
So finally they end up with coaching centers, where specialization courses are taught, and I have seen many students that even after 5 years they search of jobs.

So for a web developer what is required to build a sophisticated website: 

Here is the details:
Making modern website with many features requires two things:
1) Front end design
2) Back end design
It also requires lot of learning. 
For front end design you should  learn HTML5 and JavaScript, CSS3. Also you have to learn JavaScript library such as jQuery, and many other libraries to fit your need.
For back end design, you can use Java, Python, Javascript, PHP etc. It is better if you learn a framework such as Grails (Java), Django (Python), NodeJs (Javascript), Ruby on Rails (Ruby) and laravel (PHP framework).

Even I can bet that most coaching centers don't teach it. They even don't update technology in most efficient manner.

So how much time does it take to learn it, hardly two to three years to become an expert. But how much time it will take for students following our education system after 10+2, roughly 10 years. Also count the money you spent in colleges and coaching centers.

Similarly,  lets take a look even for specialization course of mobile app development:
I am redirecting the link to a coursera course:
Page on

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