Why does learning programming is not compulsory in higher secondary schools in India?

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Nowadays, scientists use computers for almost every thing - whether it is a mathematical problem, physics, chemistry or biology. Why not make students learn python in higher secondary schools with its application in science?

Why do students have to memorize straight forward equation such as radio activity decay or Nernst equation? Why not solve them through the python programming language? Why not teach them simulations when they start college?

I would say that python is a very futuristic language, easy to learn, and human readable. Also there are so many packages available for scientific computation. It is also open source.

I would also say that students should start learning Linux in higher secondary schools.

I would request Smiriti Irani to include it in syllabus as soon as possible. 
Also students can be provided credit card-sized single-board computers such as Raspberrypi, if a student is unable to afford desktops or laptops.
What do you guys say about it?

Update: It should be compulsory for students who are studying physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics etc. that requires programming to apply their knowledge, not for students who want to do arts, hotel management etc. But still for them even their are applications of python e.g. data-mining etc.

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